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British Army Operations 1945 - 84 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pete Pikey   
Friday, 31 August 2007

"British Army Operations 1945 - 84 provides a unique guide to Britain's Role in all these conflicts and many others as well as explaining Britain's Role within the NATO alliance..."

Edited by John Pimlott 

Published in 1984 for Book Club Associates .

ISBN:   Not Given as BCA.


This book, in coffee table format, deals with a selection of conflicts in which the British Army were involved. They range in intensity from Korea, through the Falklands, to Northern Ireland. The book’s strength is it’s pictures, exclusively black and white – they are relevant, clear and engaging, illustrating articles by many eminent authors.

The section dealing with NATO, some 16 pages in a 191 page book, set the routine of BAOR in context. The naysayers maintain that the Army sat in luxury in BAOR from 1945 to the fall of the Wall. Here we see the reality of Post War soldiering: the families may have been more stable than at almost anytime in our history, but the soldiers were as busy as ever. Of the shots provided, only perhaps 3 or 4 are worth the effort, in terms of BAOR.

Why buy this book? For the photos showing what else we were doing – and particularly of note in that context is the section dealing with Rhodesia and the disarmament Mission in 1979.

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