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Militarily Insignificant? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pete Pikey   
Sunday, 07 December 2008

"Militarily Insignificant"? Or the Latest Round in the Great Game?

Just a few notes, random ramblings which have no thread:

The attack on the transportation depot was made on 7 December.

The raiders killed no-one

The raid brought the fragility of the NATO supply pipeline into sharp focus

An alternative route through the former Soviet republics is being sought

An alternative route needs the agreement of the Russians as it crosses their territory somewhere along its length

Any alternative will need the ASSENT of the Russians, assent which must be bought

The Russians REALLY do not want an Anti Missile Defense Shield in countries neighbouring their territory

The Shield is designed to counter Iranian Missiles

The Iranians are past masters at politics ....

Do I really need to join these dots for you?


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