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FV 12007 Tractor, 6x4, Crusader PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pete Pikey   
Saturday, 05 January 2008

This page details the characteristics of Tractor 6x4 Crusader. The vehicle was produced in two models, 22t and 35t. This page concerns FV 12007, the 35T variant.

 In the 35T form the vehicle is fitted with a four man cab (dvr+3). The Crusader (Crusie) is a Commercial off the shelf unit. Trailer details will be added when available.

The vehicle is fitted with a Plummer 8000Kg winch which can be fed forwards or backwards. 

 Manufacturer ChassisLeyland Scammell
 FV Number
Whole Equipment
 FV 12007
Chassis FV
  Body  FV
  Trailer, 35t
 Dimensions Length

Tractor - 6.661m

Train -  

Trailer - 

Ramps up -

Ramps down - 



Tractor - 3.3m

Trailer - To Ramp ends 

  WheelbaseTractor -
  Track - Front
  Track - Rear
  Track - Trailer
  Trailer Deck Length

 Trailer Deck Width 

With Outriggers -

Without Outriggers -

  Deck Height
 Weights GVW

Tractor - 

Trailer -

Train -  

  Unladen Weight
 10.567 tonnes
 Angles Approach 
 Performance Speed66 Km/h
  Range500Km (roads)
  Side Slope
  Stop /Restart Solo 
  Stop/Restart Towing
  Turning Circle  
  Verticle Step
  Gross Power/Weight Ratio
  Max Tractive Effort Low Gear
  Max Trailer Weight - Braked
  Max Trailer Weight - Unbraked 
 Engine ManufacturerRolls Royce
  TypeRolls Royce Eagle 305 Mk 3
  Displacement12.17 litres
  Gross Power
  Nett Torque
  Speed Limiter?
  Speed Limited to
  Ignition Type
  Engine Cooling
 Fuel System
  Pump Manufacturer
  Air Cleaner
  Fuel Capacity
455 litres
 Gearbox Manufacturer 
  Type 15 speed
  Ratios  1st
Electrical Generator
Batteries Capacity 
Clutch Manufacturer 
Propeller Shafts
Transfer Box
  Transfer Box Ratios
Axles Manufacturer 
  Ratios - Top
  Ratios - Bottom
 Differential Locks
 Shock Absorbers Manufacturer


 Actuation - Foot 
 Actuation - Hand  
 Actuation - Trailer
  Warning Device - Tractor
  Warning Device - Trailer
 Wheels Manufacturer 
Tyres Manufacturer 
 Type (Radial/Cross ply)
  Onboard Tyre Compressor?
  Compressor Capacity (Psi)
Towing Attachments Front 
 Max rope pull/speed
 Rope Length

Front - 

Rear  - 


Front - Max 8000kg

Rear - Max 8000kg

Recovery Hoist
Not Fitted
  SlewNot Available
  Maximum Hook Height
  Maximum Lift 
  Max Lift of Hoist Cable
  Maximum Luff
  Lift and Slew
 Capacities Engine Oil
  Gearbox Oil
  Transfer Box Oil
 Support Publication:
Last Updated ( Saturday, 05 January 2008 )
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