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In search of gunfire support PDF Print E-mail
Written by Pete Pikey   
Wednesday, 03 January 2007



Armoured, why, calibre, Mission, Cause,

mobility - Tac Airlift Constraints

Range not required - therefore shorter barrel. But must be armoured if used in small arms range - longer range guns can be deployed out of SA range.

Anti tank - not req, therefore shorter barrel  as long range accuracy and high MV not req.

 Abbott?  Sturmgeschutz?


Ammunition - availability

Target effects, range req 

Calibre - bang for calibre? Why NOT 76mm? If so, why not scopion/saladin? If not what were GSRs for Scorpion/Saladin which led to 76mm? Or was it just available? 

AMOS ... Or better still, NEMO ( as only 1500Kg ... "Patria Nemo is a mortar turret with excellent signature management and ballistic protection. As a modern and compact system, Patria Nemo can easily be mounted onto various tracked and wheeled chassis. Due to its low weight, only 1,500kg, Patria Nemo is also adaptable to lightweight ..."

Pos to mount L118 on armd chassis? Would solve spares and ammo problems. ?Integrate with stormer? Barrel too long for ease of transportation as gun always forward?

Oto Melara 105mm Pack How - - Tech description and excellent graphic

Gun in A/T posn - 

OR -

For rate of fire, versatility, weight of HE on target, what about AMOS or the single barreled

Against Mortars for THIS role:

Case for Howitzers in Afghanistan    "Not taking howitzers into Afghanistan from the beginning was a mistake. A small amount of additional airlift would have brought in howitzers that had twice the indirect firepower, were more accurate and had three times the range—a decided advantage for our infantry forces in Afghanistan ... can hit targets closer to friendly forces with risk estimate distances (REDs) nearly half that of the 120mm Mortar ...

Unlike a howitzer that can shoot any target within its maximum range immediately upon emplacement, a mortar can’t reach certain ranges until the baseplate is seated firmly into the ground—either by shooting rounds or digging it in with a shovel. Until then, the mortar tube cannot reach its maximum elevations and, therefore, cannot reach the targets associated with those elevations."

"Using almost the same airspace as a mortar platoon, the division could have had an M119 battery (minus) with 50 percent more firepower and three times the range."

Case for Howitzers in Afghanistan by Captain Joshua D. Mitchell writing in Field Artillery, Nov-Dec 2003



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