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Military Vehicle Preservation

This Category aims to relate the many demanding preservation tasks undertaken.

I took to this work as a sop to the lack of repair activity my rank allowed - I had, afterall, joined the REME to "fix broken stuff"! Beginning quite modestly, the tasks grew and drew in more and more people. My posting to UK was all the more brutal as it did not recognise the value of such activity, in teaching new skills; promoting flexibility; easing the guilt between operations; and in building bridges between the Anglo and Saxon participants. Many great friendships have been forged on task.

Now back in the UK I am astounded and disheartened by the apathy I find. It is palliative to occasionally happen across a member of the Military Vehicle Trust, a true enthusiast, but they are few and far between.

What follows then will cover both historical tasks and future ones.


The Military Vehicle Trust Can be reached at:

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