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The British Army of the Rhine is the term used to describe the LAND forces Britain stationed in Germany after the end of the War. Initially an Army of Occupation, in short order the British Army found itself aiding in the reconstruction of Germany; and preparing to defend it from the avarice of the Soviets. On the formation of the Bundeswehr, the British Soldier found himself (just ten years after the surrender of the Wehrmacht) training with the nascent German Army.

This was not his first encounter with the populace. Contrasting strongly with the policy in the American Sector, fraternisation rules had quickly been abandoned in the British Zone. German born wives were soon in evidence, a pragmatism and adaptability which may be it argued stemmed from the British Soldier's Imperial experience - he was simply at home abroad.

Nor were existing families long in coming to Germany. Schools were established and a large support organisation grew to accommodate and care for the Military families and those of the civilian component.

It is hoped that sufficient source material can be gathered here to assist those researching the socialogical impact and experience of those who lived in Germany during this period. It is acknowledged that(since the author started his quest some 9 years ago) other sites and technology applications have sprung up dealing in reunions, pictures and the like, but it is felt that this site is unique in gathering the disperate sources in an attempt to piece together the whole.


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