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Reporting Serious Equipment Failures

What should be reported to AINC?

Accidents and incidents involving the following are to be notified to AINC:

A. Injuries to personnel:

  • Military Personnel.
    Injuries including climatic and sporting injuries and injuries as a result of both on and off duty road traffic accidents (RTAs).
  • Civilian Personnel.
    Injuries including injuries as a result of on and off duty RTAs.
  • Contractors and Non-MOD Civilians.
    Injuries occurring on MOD property or as the result of Army activities.

B. Serious damage to equipment and incidents of serious equipment failure in accordance with the Defence Supply Chain Manual JSP 336 Volume 12 Part 2 Pamphlet 2.

C. Illnesses, diseases and dangerous occurrences in accordance with RIDDOR reporting requirements under Regulation 15 Schedules 1, 2 and 3.

D. Serious pollution incidents.


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